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Press Release/Multi-Science Publishing

New Journal Launches for 2010

Following the successful launch of seven new titles in 2009, 
Multi-Science Publishing now announces six further titles for 
2010, taking its title list up to 32. The 2010 new titles are: 
International Journal of Protective Structures; Journal of 
Structural Fire Engineering; International Journal of Ocean & 
Climate Systems; Journal of Healthcare Engineering; International 
Journal of Micro Nano Scale Transport; and International Journal 
of Hypersonics.

Commented Multi-Science Director Bill Hughes, "Watching research 
patterns develop in increasingly interdisciplinary ways, and 
seeing the emergence of new research interests, commits us, as 
publishers, to create fora where academics can communicate with 
others whose research interests are as closely aligned to their 
own as possible. Study after study has shown that this is a key 
academic requirement and our success has been built around 
meeting that requirement: in many areas we publish the only 
English-language journal wholly serving a particular 
subdiscipline. Not only do we create useful conduits through 
which scientific communication can purposefully flow, we remove 
potential obstacles to communication. Our journals are anyway 
realistically priced - easily affordable even on the subscription 
model - and, through pioneering consortia deals such as Knowledge 
Exchange and the ALPSP-CRKN agreement, can be available to 
university libraries at really low prices. The next step is to 
marry the goal of even wider access, beyond academia, with the 
fundamental need for the sustainability of the publishing model. 
In 2010, we expect to be making some radical proposals in that 

More information
Bill Hughes
Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd