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RE: switching to online

You could potentially use two online titles with single site 
licences for two different locations, though it is generally 
preferable and more cost effective to request a multiple site 
license.  Many publishers, especially of STM publications, won't 
allow libraries to cancel in the middle of a subscription period, 
although I have found most will allow you to switch to online for 
a prorated amount.  I believe this is the problem you are running 
into.  I'm not sure if they will allow it but you might want to 
consider requesting both print subscriptions be switched to the 
same online subscription for an extended period.


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Subject: switching to online

We are in the process of switching our print titles to online. We 
started with those published by major publishers.

We have duplicate copies for a few titles. I informed the 
publishers that I would like to cancel one copy (or subscribe to 
a different title of the same value), and switch the second one 
to online. I was surprised by their reply that we need to switch 
both copies to online.

Can somebody explain to me how a library can justify paying 2 
times for the same title? And how, technically, we can use the 
two online copies of the same title?? Regards,

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