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switching to online

We are in the process of switching our print titles to online. We 
started with those published by major publishers.

We have duplicate copies for a few titles. I informed the 
publishers that I would like to cancel one copy (or subscribe to 
a different title of the same value), and switch the second one 
to online. I was surprised by their reply that we need to switch 
both copies to online.

Can somebody explain to me how a library can justify paying 2 
times for the same title? And how, technically, we can use the 
two online copies of the same title?? Regards,

Houeida Kammouri-Charara
Electronic Resources Librarian
Lebanese American University Libraries
P.O.Box 13-5053 - Chouran Beirut 1102 2801 Lebanon
Phone +961 1 786456 ext. 1817