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RE: NYTimes.com: College May Become Unaffordable for Most in U.S.

But just to show you the differences even within the same 
conference, the Big Ten, Penn State gets just over 33% of its 
operating income from tuition and fees (the highest tuition of 
any major public university), but less than 10% from the state. 
Obviously, the two are interrelated.  Penn State also claims, 
however, to return $22 in economic impact on the state for every 
dollar in state appropriations.

Sandy Thatcher

>It's interesting how tuition and fees can account for a
>surprisingly small percentage of a university's income. The
>University of Illinois, for example, gets only 15-16% of its
>income from tuition and fees. Even more interestingly for a state
>university, the state of Illinois only supplies about 30% of the
>UI's income.
>Bernie Sloan
>Sora Associates
>Bloomington, IN