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RE: Any impact on 09renewal/sub due to current economical crisis

These are rather deep cuts - deeper than what I was expecting to 
hear, and starting with 2009 subscription year.  Are the smaller 
publishers and newer journals more vulnerable in this environment 
than the larger publishers? Are journals that are part of "big 
deals" less likely to be cut than individual subscriptions?

Nawin Gupta

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Subject: Re: Any impact on 09renewal/sub due to current economical crisis

Yes, many US libraries are being forced to cancel subscriptions.
My library canceled over $60,000 worth of databases recently, and
we're preparing for a full review of all databases, periodicals,
and standing orders.  We are trying to hold onto the most
essential subscriptions, which means that we have not been able
to order many monographs.  I've heard similar stories from
librarians around the country this year.  See, for example, the
University of Georgia's journal cancellation list, with relevant
documents linked from the top of the page:

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Subject: RE: Any impact on 09renewal/sub due to current economical crisis

Harutoshi Shiohara raises a question that will undoubtedly be of 
concern to all of us.  The library spend on collections has been 
going up an average of around 3% each year in the US.  Aside from 
tuition fees, so much of the academic institution funding comes 
from state budgets (for state universities) and endowments: state 
budgets in the US are under tremendous pressure and cuts in 
educational funds are imminent, and many of the endowment 
investments have lost 30% of their value and more.  Many of the 
library budgets may not see cuts immediately (funds for 2009 may 
already be allocated), but cuts appear likely since an economic 
recovery at best is on distant horizon.

It will be good to hear from librarians with firsthand knowledge.

Nawin Gupta

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Dear All:

I am wondering if the current economical crisis affects 
09renewal/subs to libraries/publishers? This is overall question, 
but I do not plan to get specific cases. Also, kindly advise any 
stats: URLs regarding this if any, please?

Here in Japan some article covers stories on the loss due to
universities' financing loss during this period in newspaper.

With Best Wishes,
Harutoshi Shiohara, Editor & Virtual Librarian
SciResourcesLab Inc., Tokyo