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Re: Any impact on 09renewal/sub due to current economical crisis

Yes, many US libraries are being forced to cancel subscriptions. 
My library canceled over $60,000 worth of databases recently, and 
we're preparing for a full review of all databases, periodicals, 
and standing orders.  We are trying to hold onto the most 
essential subscriptions, which means that we have not been able 
to order many monographs.  I've heard similar stories from 
librarians around the country this year.  See, for example, the 
University of Georgia's journal cancellation list, with relevant 
documents linked from the top of the page: 

Best regards,

Jonathan H. Harwell
Collection Development & Assessment Librarian
Zach S. Henderson Library
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA 30460-8074
http://mesoj.edublogs.org ( http://mesoj.edublogs.org/ )
Subject Specialist for Foreign Languages, Music, Sociology, & Anthropology

>>> SciResourcesLab <h_shiohara@sci-resources.jp> 11/20/2008 7:45 PM >>>
Dear All:

I am wondering if the current economical crisis affects 
09renewal/subs to libraries/publishers? This is overall question, 
but I do not plan to get specific cases. Also, kindly advise any 
stats: URLs regarding this if any, please?

Here in Japan some article covers stories on the loss due to 
universities' financing loss during this period in newspaper.

With Best Wishes,
Harutoshi Shiohara, Editor & Virtual Librarian
SciResourcesLab Inc., Tokyo