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Free Online Resource: Global Library of Women's Medicine

The Global Library of Women's Medicine has launched online and is 
freely available to all.  Over 650 world experts provide a 
definitive resource on the latest therapeutic options in women's 
medicine for doctors and women concerned about their health. The 
Library is free to view at: www.glowm.com.

The Global Library of Women's Medicine, was launched at a dinner 
held at The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 
London last night. It is a unique web library incorporating a 
vast range of detailed clinical information across the whole 
field of women's medicine. It consists of 442 main chapters and 
53 supplementary chapters, supported by over 40,000 references, 
which will be kept permanently up-to-date. The chapters have been 
written by more than 650 specialists and will reflect some of the 
very best worldwide opinion.

The Global Library of Women's Medicine is primarily designed for 
the medical profession, however, most of the information will 
also be accessible by anyone else who wants to try and understand 
more about the therapeutic options available to women, this 
includes a section on Safer Motherhood.  In addition, there are 
innovative features freely available to registered users, that 
are aimed at medical professionals, including surgical videos, 
specialist colour atlases of visual medicine, comprehensive 
guidance to laboratory tests and the significance of their 
results,- and even an option to provide doctors with selected 
patient information handouts.

The Global Library of Women's Medicine will support doctors and 
other health professionals in their care of women.  As an open 
access resource it is hoped that in addition to providing an 
expert resource for the medical profession in the Western World, 
it may also be of real value to doctors and others in parts of 
the Developing World where access to current clinical information 
has always been challenging.

All the expert authors and editors of The Global Library of 
Women's Medicine have generously made their contributions without 
any form of financial remuneration - and the British publishers 
have originated, developed and implemented the site entirely from 
their own funds - in order to support this significant global 
initiative which it is hoped may make some contribution to the 
ongoing efforts to improve women's healthcare around the world.

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