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Policy Studies Organization partners with Berkeley Electronic Press


Policy Studies Organization partners with Berkeley Electronic Press to
publish its new journals

Berkeley, CA, November 10, 2008 - Berkeley Electronic Press 
(bepress) is pleased to announce that it will partner with the 
Policy Studies Organization (PSO) to publish a new collection of 
PSO journals, and to provide additional online society services.

The new collection of peer-reviewed journals includes:

Policy and Internet - www.bepress.com/pso_internet
Poverty & Public Policy - www.bepress.com/pso_poverty
Crisis & Risk in Public Policy - www.bepress.com/pso_risk

These journals build on the success of established PSO titles, 
such as Policy Studies Journal, and represent the next step for 
PSO's journals publishing program.

Paul Rich, President of the Policy Studies Organization, said, 
"PSO chose bepress because we need dynamic 21st century 
publishing for our titles, and bepress knows where the internet 
is taking scholarship. Sustainable pricing and fair access, 
personal attention, a strong service orientation, and cutting 
edge thinking were all big pluses for us, as are their 
innovations for integrating journals in a larger continuum of 
publishing services. Our members couldn't be happier."

The new PSO journals with bepress are part of a broader 
initiative by the PSO and bepress to create an online showcase 
for the PSO and its member community.

"bepress is pleased to add the new PSO journals to our society 
publishing program," said Gordon Tibbitts, CEO of bepress. "We 
have a decade's worth of innovative scholarly communication tools 
and services that benefit societies and their members, and look 
forward to the opportunity to enhance scholarly work in policy 

The three new journals will launch with their first articles in 
the Spring of 2009. For pricing and ordering information, please 
email sales@bepress.com. To stay up to date with this and other 
bepress journals news, sign up for news alerts at 
http://works.bepress.com/bepress_journals. For more information 
about bepress journals, visit http://www.bepress.com/journals.

About the PSO

The Policy Studies Organization is a non governmental, non profit 
organization with the purpose to further research and 
dissemination of scholarship in policy. We are a related society 
of the American, Midwest, Southern and International Political 
Sciences Associations, as well as of the International Studies 
Association. PSO includes more than 3600 universities and 
institutions in its membership as well as individuals in more 
than 93 countries. From its headquarters in an historic house 
near Dupont Circle in Washington, once the home of the families 
of President James Garfield and the labor leader Samuel Gompers, 
the society organizes conferences, seminars, the publication of 
journals and books, and an increasing Internet presence.

For more information, visit http://www.ipsonet.org

About bepress

Founded by professors in 1999, Berkeley Electronic Press is both 
a publisher of peer-reviewed electronic journals and a software 
developer, having created Digital Commons, the world's leading 
hosted institutional repository that powers the University of 
California's eScholarship Repository, and those of over ninety 
other universities, societies, and organizations. The company 
produces tools to improve scholarly communication via innovative 
and effective means of content production and dissemination. 
bepress has a portfolio of products and services that reduce the 
costs of and barriers to access.

For more information, visit http://www.bepress.com

For more information, please contact:
Alison Denby
Publisher, Berkeley Electronic Press
(510) 665-1200 ext. 131