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RE: How many (peer reviewed) journals are there?

Let me add one more question: how many peer-reviewed OA journals 
are there that also are professionally copyedited? Has anyone 
ever determined which OA journals do serious copyediting and 
which don't do any or only minimal editing? A quick check of the 
DOAJ site does not reveal any information on this point. It is 
relevant to establishing both the overall quality of a journal 
and to the costs of operating a journal. If far more OA journals 
than print journals skimp on copyediting or do none at all, this 
might be one reason OA journals can claim to be more cheaply 
produced. But that would NOT be a point in favor of OA journals.

Sandy Thatcher
Penn State University Press

>Looking back at your research I see that 'a lot' means about 10%.
>I know that the DOAJ has worked hard to weed-out journals that
>are no longer current, but these things are fluid and there will
>always be some listed that are not currently publishing.  I'm
>sure that some of the subscription titles listed in UIrich's as
>being active are actually no longer current. Unfortunately, you
>did not do a comparative study so we have no idea if 10% really
>is a lot compared to subscription titles or just reflective of
>the general churn in the journals market.
>David C Prosser
>Director, SPARC Europe
>Web:    www.sparceurope.org
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>When I studied the DOAJ, a lot of the journals therein were to
>all intents and purposes dead in the water.
>Sally Morris
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