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Re: European Research Council Mandate Green OA Self-Archiving

On Fri, 18 Jan 2008, Bill Cohen wrote:

What would an analysis be for hardcover serials of peer-reviewed
literature reviews, like "Annual Reviews"?
The rule is simple:

Did the author write it (1) for fee/royalty income or (2) for research impact?

If (1), then Green OA self-archiving cannot be madated by the author's institution or funder. If (2) then it can, and should.

For Annual Reviews, the answer is (2), and Annual reviews are accordingly Green, endorsing author self-archiving (of the author's final peer-reviewed draft, not the publisher's PDF) immediately upon acceptance for publication: http://www.annualreviews.org/authors/preprints.aspx http://romeo.eprints.org/search.php?t=annual+reviews

Stevan Harnad

- Bill

Bill Cohen, /Publisher  /
*The Haworth Press*
[Taylor & Francis Group]

Stevan Harnad wrote:

No, neither the ERC Green OA Self-Archiving Mandate nor the NIHGreen OA Self-Archiving Mandate applies to books. (Nor do the RCUK mandates, nor the university and departmental mandates, norany of the 35 mandates adopted and the 8 proposed worldwide so far: http:// www.eprints.org/signup/fulllist.php.) They all apply only to peer- reviewed journal-articles.

Book self-archiving cannot and should not be mandated, for the contrary of much the same reasons peer-reviewed journal articles can and should be.

Stevan Harnad