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Re: European Research Council Mandate Green OA Self-Archiving

What would an analysis be for hardcover serials of peer-reviewed 
literature reviews, like "Annual Reviews"?

- Bill

Bill Cohen, /Publisher  /
*The Haworth Press*
[Taylor & Francis Group]

Stevan Harnad wrote:

> No, neither the ERC Green OA Self-Archiving Mandate nor the 
> NIHGreen OA Self-Archiving Mandate applies to books. (Nor do 
> the RCUK mandates, nor the university and departmental 
> mandates, norany of the 35 mandates adopted and the 8 proposed 
> worldwide so far: http:// www.eprints.org/signup/fulllist.php.) 
> They all apply only to peer- reviewed journal-articles.
> Book self-archiving cannot and should not be mandated, for the 
> contrary of much the same reasons peer-reviewed journal 
> articles can and should be.
> Stevan Harnad