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AAAS and JSTOR resolution

I am pleased to report to the readers of liblicense-l that the 
following announcement is being made today:


AAAS and JSTOR are pleased to announce that we have concluded an 
ongoing discussion and have been able to reach an agreement to 
continue what has been a very productive relationship between 
JSTOR and the journal Science.


As an advocate on this issue with AAAS, I want to give public 
credit and praise to AAAS and its CEO, Alan Leshner, for this 
decision. It says a great deal about Mr. Leshner and the 
Association that he/they would reconsider and ultimately overturn 
a decision that had been publicly announced. Mr. Leshner's 
actions on behalf of the Association show true leadership, 
administrative courage, and clearly demonstrate that he values 
the progress and priorities of the Association and its membership 
over any other concerns. My respect and regard is not based on 
just a successful (in my opinion) outcome of this issue. 
Throughout this process and my advocacy with the Association, I 
was always treated with respect for my professional disagreement 
and never anger or rejection.

In my initial posting to this listserv, I encouraged individuals 
to write a letter to AAAS and Mr. Leshner (or the AAAS Board 
Chair, John Holdren) on the decision to withdraw and express your 
concern and disagreement. If you did write a letter, I would ask 
that you take some time and write a second formal letter 
expressing your thanks and regard for their reconsideration.

Thank you and thanks to AAAS!

-- David Carlson, Dean
Library Affairs
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale