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Dear All -- REALLY good news -- So many consortia and libraries 
joined to ask Science to reconsider their decision, and it has 

Great thanks to AAAS and Science for this re-consideration and a 
decision that's an all around win-win.

Happy 2008 to all, Ann Okerson/Moderator


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3 January 2008

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The Journal SCIENCE Rejoins JSTOR

The influential journal Science has reversed course and rejoined 
JSTOR, The Chronicle has learned. The journal and the popular 
online archive of scholarly publications reached an agreement 
this morning, said a spokesperson for Science. The journal's 
decision to withdraw last summer was the subject of much 
criticism by librarians and others.

Neither Science nor JSTOR would describe the terms of the new 
license, but Alan I. Leshner, chief executive officer of the 
American Association for the Advancement of Science, which 
publishes the journal, said the changes had to do with price and 
with linking of articles within JSTOR to other articles. "We're 
very pleased about it," he said.

Michael P. Spinella, executive director of JSTOR, echoed Mr. 
Leshner's cheer. "I think it's very good for everyone," he said.

By Lila Guterman, Chronicle of Higher Education