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Discussion at MIdwinter: Evaluating Emerging Technologies

The Current Topics Discussion Group of ACRL's University Libraries Section
invites you to a discussion:

Evaluating Emerging Technologies
Saturday, January 12, 2008
Philadelphia Convention Center (PCC), Room 108A
1:30-3:30 p.m.

As librarians, we need to keep pace with the innovations that are 
transforming how we reach and serve our customers. But with the 
vast number of competing technologies, how can you be confident 
that you are selecting the best solution for your customers? 
How are you certain that you are not squandering your limited 
finances and resources on fads and faulty solutions?

Aaron Swartz, co-author of RSS, co-creator of the Open Library 
project, co-founder of Reddit, and former adviser to Creative 
Commons, will be sharing his strategies on how to analyze 
competing technologies. His insights will help us invest in the 
resources that will best meet our customers' needs.

This is an opportunity to listen to a leader in the field and to 
engage in a dialog with him. Come explore this discussion on 
emerging technologies. You can't afford to miss it!