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However, the evidence seems to be that on the whole, takeovers do
NOT lead to price increases. See Mergers without Markets:  do
mergers among publishers of academic journals affect prices?
(Renee M Duplantis, Daniel E Haar, Stephen D Silberman,Hal Van
Gieson & Frederick R Warren-Boulton, Draft article, Nov 2005)
http://www.micradc.com/news/publications/paper2.html and The
Pricing of Academic Journals (Mark J McCabe, Aviv Nevo & Daniel L
Rubinfeld, Berkeley Program in Law & Economics, Working Paper
Series, Paper 199, 2006)
http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~mm284/MNR.pdf.  What is particularly
interesting (though not widely publicised) is that McCabe has
reversed his earlier findings.

Sally Morris
Consultant, Morris Associates (Publishing Consultancy)
Email:  sally@morris-assocs.demon.co.uk

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Regarding tranfer and prices, here is an interesting example of
how prices can change on transfer.

As of 2007 the journal,  Earthquake engineering and engineering vibration
(ISSN: 1671-3664 (print version) ISSN: 1993-503X (electronic

passed from its previous publishing body, Multidisciplinary
Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, at a list price in
2005 of US$80, according to Ulrich's, over to Springer. The
journal will now cost the library over ?650.

While the journal is now published quarterly rather than
semi-annually as before, this is still quite a rise.

Mary Joan Crowley
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