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American Society of Civil Engineers partners with Portico to digitally archive ASCE journal content

American Society of Civil Engineers partners with Portico to digitally
archive ASCE journal content

Reston, Virginia, May 25, 2007 - The American Society of Civil 
Engineers announces an agreement with Portico, a not-for-profit 
digital archiving service for the publishing and library 
communities, to retain and preserve the society's entire journal 

Through this agreement with Portico, ASCE ensures that its 30 
journals are preserved and available for future scholars, 
researchers, and students. The archival record will include the 
back issues of all ASCE journals currently available online at 
www.ascelibrary.org. Archival versions will be stored in multiple 
locations to ensure the safety and integrity of the files.

Bruce Gossett, Managing Director of ASCE Publications, commented 
on the Portico agreement: "Our agreement with Portico supports 
our archiving policy to assure the long-term preservation and 
future accessibility of ASCE electronic journal content. As 
libraries continue to rely more heavily on electronic resources, 
this agreement allows for a transition to electronic content 
without sacrificing the library's traditional preservation 

As part of the agreement with Portico, ASCE will make an annual 
financial contribution to support the Archive's ongoing 

Founded in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers 
(www.asce.org) is America's oldest national engineering society 
and represents more than 140,000 civil engineers worldwide. A 
not-for-profit organization, ASCE's mission is to advance 
professional knowledge and improve the practice of civil 
engineering through publications, conferences, leadership 
opportunities, and networking opportunities.

For more information, contact:
William Nara
Marketing Manager, Journals
Phone: +1 703 295 6163
Email: wnara@asce.org