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Knovel Announces 15 New International Academic Subscribers

- Over 250 Leading Academic Institutions Now Subscribe to the 
Leading Online Technical and Applied Science Reference Collection

New York, NY - May 24, 2007- Knovel Corporation, the leading 
provider of online technical references and interactive tools, 
announces that 15 academic institutions from around the world 
have recently subscribed to Knovel's online collection of 
electronic reference works, databases, and other interactive 
content, bringing the number of academic subscribers to over 250.

Knovel is uniquely optimized to facilitate searches by engineers 
and applied scientists in disciplines from chemistry to civil 
engineering.  It helps graduate and undergraduate students 
quickly locate relevant and reliable technical data, equations, 
and texts. Knovel's interactive tools help students solve 
technical challenges more efficiently and enable professors to 
utilize the Knovel content in their curriculum. Reflecting the 
ease of locating and leveraging technical information through 
Knovel, over 200 courses now cite Knovel in their syllabi.

In the past 6 months Knovel has added to its subscriber 
list research libraries spanning 19 countries, ranging across 
North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, and Asia 
Pacific. New subscribers include:

* Biblioteka Glowna Politechniki at Warsaw University of 
Technology, Poland
* Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
* Dunarea de Jos University, Romania
* Liverpool University, UK
* Louisiana State University, USA
* Penn State University, USA
* Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua, Mexico
* Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
* Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
* Universite Claude Bernard Lyon, France
* University of Akron, USA
* University of Dresden, Germany
* University of Regina, Canada
* Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
* Warsaw University, Poland

Ann McSweeney, Senior Librarian at the Dublin Institute of 
Technology said, "Knovel Library provides our faculty with a 
comprehensive suite of electronic engineering texts and 
data-books of the highest quality which fit remarkably well with 
the wide range of engineering disciplines within the institute. 
Content is expertly chosen from a range of authoritative academic 
technical publishers and provides a firm foundation for our 
undergraduate cohorts and an invaluable information source for 
experienced technologists and researchers. Both user groups 
appreciate the facility to search properties, strengths or units 
either in single titles or across subject ranges." She continued, 
"During the short period we have been offering the Knovel Library 
the response from everyone has been remarkably positive and we 
look forward to seeing it established as one of our core 

Chris Forbes, CEO of Knovel said, "Knovel is really proud of the 
endorsement we are receiving from the academic community around 
the globe. These new subscriptions are especially appreciated 
because the valuable feedback we receive from leading engineering 
schools helps us continue to improve and augment our technical 
collection of information and interactive tools."

About Knovel

Knovel - <http://www.knovel.com/> - is an online science and 
technology reference collection used around the world by 
students, academics, scientists, and practitioners to quickly 
locate relevant technical information. More than 1,100 leading 
reference works and databases from over 40 international 
publishers and learned societies are integrated for easy 
information discovery.  Knovel's interface is optimized to find 
relevant and reliable technical information including material 
properties, standard procedures, and theory. Interactive tools 
embedded in the text, including interactive tables, graph 
digitizers, and equation plotters, facilitate searching, 
exploration, and data export. Knovel is used by 70 of the Fortune 
500 companies and by over 250 leading engineering and science 
universities worldwide.