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Chicago Journals partners with PERI initiative to

provide electronic journals content to developing nations
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With apologies for cross-posting.

Chicago Journals partners with INASP's PERI initiative to provide 
electronic journals content to developing nations

The University of Chicago Press is delighted to announce its 
support of the International Network for the Availability of 
Scientific Publications (INASP) Programme for the Enhancement of 
Research Information (PERI). Effective immediately, electronic 
access to all journals published by the University of Chicago 
Press will be made available at little or no charge to 
institutions in the developing world that meet INASP 
qualifications for participation through the Chicago Emerging 
Nations Initiative (CENI), launched last year.

"We are honored to add PERI to the growing list of program 
partners through which our colleagues in emerging nations can 
gain access to the latest content published by Chicago Journals," 
said Kate Duff, Licensing and Permissions Manager at the 
University of Chicago Press. "PERI's commitment to increasing 
access to scientific and scholarly research in the developing 
world acknowledges the important role information and knowledge 
can play in development."

Scholars, librarians, teachers, and students in more than 110 
emerging nations receive access to electronic and print editions 
of journals published by the University of Chicago Press through 
the CENI program. Other CENI partners include the World Health 
Organization's Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative 
(HINARI); the United Nation's Access to Global Online Research in 
Agriculture (AGORA) and Online Access to Research in the 
Environment (OARE) programs; the Access Africa Initiative, 
sponsored by JSTOR; the Association of Commonwealth Universities 
Low-Cost Journal Scheme; and the Journal Donation Project based 
at the New School for Social Research.

For more information on CENI or any of its partners, please visit:

About INASP: An international nonprofit development charity with 
programs dedicated to capacity building in the research sector of 
developing and transitional countries, INASP has been 
establishing access to information and providing support and 
training to the developing world since 1999. One of its many 
programs, PERI supports research by facilitating access to global 
information and supporting publication of in-country research 
findings. It also provides information skills training for 
researchers, practitioners, librarians, and publishers.

About the University of Chicago Press: Founded in 1891, the 
University of Chicago Press is the largest American university 
press. The Journals Division currently publishes forty-seven 
award-winning periodicals and serials in a wide range of 
disciplines, including several journals that were the first 
scholarly publications in their respective fields. Online since 
1995, the Journals Division has also been a pioneer in electronic 
publishing, delivering original, peer-reviewed research from 
international scholars to a worldwide audience.