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ABC-CLIO e-reference books

I have searched the liblicense-l site but have not seen any 
discussion about the ABC-CLIO eBooks Purchase and Site License 
Agreement.  Has anyone successfully concluded negotiating this 

Specific points of contention for me are the inclusion of a Fair 
Use statement and a statement acknowledging that the Library is 
not responsible for the actions of 3rd party users.

Please contact me if you've dealt with these issues with ABC-CLIO.

Thank you,

Judy L. Johnson
Coordinator of Acquisitions & Electronic Licensing
University Libraries
University of Nebraska-Lincoln       Phone: 402-472-3938
PO Box 880410 ; 13th & R Sts       Fax: 402-472-2534
Lincoln, NE 68588-0410             e-mail: jjohnson3@unl.edu