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Recommendations Needed for a Library Relations and Sales Manager


We are in the processing of launching a Library Relations and 
Sales Service for not-for-profit publishers. I'm looking for 
recommendations for a qualified person to manage this start-up 
program. Someone with experience licensing content with either a 
publisher or librarian background would be appropriate. Major 
duties of the position are below. If you can recommend anyone 
that might be interested, please let me know.

Thank you and best regards,

Jennifer L. Pesanelli
Director of Publications
FASEB Office of Publications
9650 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20814-3998
301-634-7159 (phone)
301-634-7809 (fax)

The full job description is available through the FASEB website at

- Solicit, negotiate, and license content on behalf of contracted 
publishers. The Library Relations and Sales Manager (LRSM) will 
work with publishing clients and/or publishing clients' data to 
identify subscription gaps and sales opportunities (primary 
territory is North America); build relationships with key library 
and consortia personnel to facilitate, preserve, and increase 
sales; identify and pursue multi-site license expansions with 
corporate subscribers; and negotiate price and licenses terms 
with institutional subscribers on behalf of publishing clients.

- Communicate to academic and corporate librarians the nature, 
pricing and polices of contract publishers. The LRSM will 
proactively convey information regarding the collection of titles 
to the library community as well as respond to inquiries 
regarding questions of pricing, payment, terms, policies, and 

- Manage the promotion and marketing of the collection 
represented under the FASEB Library Relations and Sales Service. 
The LRSM will participate in key library trade shows; exhibit at 
and/or attend relevant meetings; and contact librarians and 
consortia personnel individually by telephone, email and 
in-person visits to promote the collection of titles.

- Analyze subscription data to identify lapsed subscriptions. The 
LRSM will regularly survey a number of lapsed subscribers for 
each of the participating publishers, report the findings to the 
publishers, and make recommendations for future subscription 
sales based on the information from the survey.