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SLA, June 4; website usability reviews in the Elsevier booth

On Monday, June 4, usability expert Tom Noonan is providing free 
library website reviews in the Elsevier booth (#513) at SLA in 

There are two ways to benefit from Tom's advice: Sign up for a 
one-on-one consultation with him or volunteer your library 
website for review during his mid-day talk.  We're looking for 
librarians to sign up for one-on-one consultations at these 
times: 1:30p - 2p or 3:30p - 4p.

We're also looking for two library websites for Tom to review 
during a talk from 11:30a - 12p. Tom's plan is to visit the 
sites, offer comments and take questions from the audience. Light 
refreshments will follow.

To sign up, contact:

Daria DeCooman
Senior Library Communications Manager
Elsevier, San Diego
Phone: 619.699.6283