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Re: Clarification on SERU proposal

Just to clarify further, the working group members have been quite concerned about the legal implications of this project from its inception and we're glad the community is cautious about these issues. Caveat emptor, after all.

As Judy notes, two members of the current working group have J.D. degrees and additionally the working group has been showing drafts to other lawyers for several months now. We do welcome further opinions from legal experts.

As the list members know, absolute consensus on legal points can be difficult to achieve; however, we have been told repeatedly that the SERU approach is practicable from a legal standpoint, if not necessarily universally appealing to attorneys.

Best regards,

Karla Hahn, Director
Office of Scholarly Communications
Association of Research Libraries
Washington, D.C. 20036
email: karla@arl.org

On Mar 27, 2007, at 3:51 AM, Judy Luther wrote:

Hi Karen,

We do have two lawyers in the Working Group:

Robert Oakley who is on the faculty at Georgetown University Law Center and Deborah Gerhardt who is the Copyright & Scholarly Communications Director and adjunct law faculty at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Libraries

We've been through our own learning curve as a Working Group on this topic and are now realizing the extent of clarification that is part of introducing SERU.

Judy Luther MLS, MBA