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RE: Summary Paper from the Publishing Research Consortium

Simon Inger wrote:

Heather's post below seems to miss some of the key points of the research that I will briefly summarise below:

1. The key issue seems to centre around the importance of a journal to the collection. Our research argues that in the context of OA repositories this is an irrelevant point.

In response to my points:

This paper is based on flawed research, as it is based on librarian purchasing preferences, but omits key factors: research and educational priorities of the university, and faculty assessment of the importance of journals.

Comment: Mark Ware's study, published by the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP), found, by surveying librarians that: "the three most important factors used to determine journals for cancellation, in declining order of importance, are that faculty no longer require it (i.e. relevance to research or teaching programme, usage, and price". Ware notes (appropriately) one limitation of the study, i.e. that respondents were self-selected.

The ALPSP Survey of Librarians on Factors in Journal Cancellation can be found at: http://www.alpsp.org/ngen_public/article.asp? id=200&did=47&aid=157&st=&oaid=-1

The 6 elements Inger & Beckett examined as factors in why librarians would cancel journals (if open access versions were available):

Version of Article
Percentage of a Journal's Articles that are Available
Reliability of Access
How up-to-date is the content
Quality of the content

Two of the three key factors found in Ware's study, relevance to research or teaching programme, and usage, were not examined in Inger and Beckett's study.

Ignoring key factors seriously limits the validity and relevance of any research study.

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Heather Morrison, M.L.I.S.