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Clarification on SERU proposal


While that sounds like an easy approach, there is a significant 
difference between SERU as a common understanding jointly 
developed by librarians and publishers and a click-through 
agreement that is considered one-sided.  Some libraries must 
treat click-throughs as a standard agreement which means they 
must still handle legal documents.  To avoid confusion we 
distinguish SERU as a "common understanding" rather than "terms 
and conditions" or an "agreement" which have a legal connotation. 
We suggest that publishers reference SERU and prefer that they 
link to it.

Judy Luther MLS, MBA
610-645-7546 EDT

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*Subject: RE: Clarification on SERU proposal
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*Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 18:33:31 EDT

Wouldn't it be possible for publishers who agree with the SERU
terms and conditions to simply use that for their click-through

Buddy Pennington
Serial Acquisitions Librarian
University of Missouri - Kansas City
University Libraries