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RE: Summary paper from the Publishing Research Consortium

> Let me also add that if and when Green OA self-archiving ever 
> does turn out to cause unsustainable cancellation of 
> subscriptions, the obvious and natural consequence will be a 
> redirection of those windfall institutional subscription 
> savings toward paying instead for Gold OA publication charges.

Well, that's one possible consequence, anyway -- it's hardly the 
only (or even the most) "obvious and natural" one.  Another, 
perhaps even more obvious and natural consequence would be the 
"redirection of those windfall institutional subscription 
savings" toward paying for other institutional needs that have 
absolutely nothing to do with scholarly publication.  Such 
redirection becomes more likely the tighter the institution's 
overall budget situation becomes.

Rick Anderson
Dir. of Resource Acquisition
University of Nevada, Reno Libraries