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RE: Summary paper from the Publishing Research Consortium

Something on which Stevan and I can agree!

Should self-archiving lead to the demise of journals (as seems 
obvious) the money previously used for subscriptions could indeed 
go to support journals operating on author-side payments.  It is 
not immediately clear how this might happen, but I am sure this 
could be resolved.

It is important to note that the money will not, though, be freed 
up for libraries to purchase the books and other material that 
they'd like to buy - more is the pity.  They simply won't have 
acquisition budgets anymore.

Ian Russell
Chief Executive, ALPSP

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> Let me also add that if and when Green OA self-archiving ever 
> does turn out to cause unsustainable cancellation of 
> subscriptions, the obvious and natural consequence will be a 
> redirection of those windfall institutional subscription 
> savings toward paying instead for Gold OA publication charges.