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BioMed Central Announces New Blogs

BioMed Central is pleased to announce a new series of blogs to go 
with the BioMed Central website.

BioMed Central's own blog is:

and covers all the latest news from BioMed Central, as well as 
analysis and comment on the latest developments in open access 

Recent posts include:

* A discussion of three things Google could do to make scientific 
research more accessible

* A cost comparison showing the benefit of open access compared 
to traditional publication, in terms of cost-per-article 

* A downloadable version of the presentation given by BioMed 
Central at the recent European Commission Conference on 
scientific publishing, "Access, Dissemination and Preservation in 
the Digital Age."

* Information on the winners of the recently announced BioMed 
Central Research Awards

BioMed Central's sister sites, Chemistry Central and PhysMath 
Central, have also launched their own new blogs:

Chemistry Central blog: 

PhysMath Central blog: 

If you have any questions concerning any of these new blogs, please
email us at blog@biomedcentral.com

Best wishes,

Natasha Robshaw
Sales and Marketing Director
BioMed Central
E: natasha@biomedcentral.com