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Re: Post Brussels : Elsevier and Australian STM debate 'sprouts'

Sandy, perhaps you aren't factoring in course releases and subsidies paid to editorial offices? I would be surprised if Penn State weren't providing support in some manner - I believe that many university presses actually do so. University of California Press, for example, provides a broad range of editorial support in a variety of forms for the journals we publish including editor's salaries, stipends, course releases and office support. This type of support from publishers has become increasingly important over the past decade as institutional support for editorial offices has diminished.

Rebecca Simon
Associate Director
University of California Press
and Director, Journals and Digital Publishing Division

Frankly, Sandy, I don't think I would have put that into print. I
don't know your journals program, but if something has economic
value and I sat at, say, Blackwell or Sage (not to mention MIT or
Chicago), I would take your statement as an opportunity to go

Joe Esposito

On 2/28/07, Sandy Thatcher <sgt3@psu.edu> wrote:
I cannot claim to know how commercial or society publishers
compensate editors of their journals, but I can tell you that
Penn State Press pays not a cent to any of the editors of its 11
journals-and I suspect we are not alone among university press
journal publishers.

Sandy Thatcher
Penn State University Press