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ALA Preconference on Licensing

Don't Miss this exciting Pre-conference Program at ALA in New Orleans

Contracting for Content in a Digital World
Exploring the new issues for a new environment in policy and practice

Friday, June 23      8:30 am - 2:30 pm


     Sybil Boutilier, San Francisco Public Library,

     Ann Okerson, Yale University & Moderator libLicense-l, Overview
     David Ferriero, Andrew W. Mellon Director & Chief Executive of the
     Research Libraries, New York Public Library, The Google Agreement
     Alicia Wise, Publisher's Licensing Society, UK, Licensing Standards
     Miriam Nisbet, ALA Washington Office, Copyright Issues in Transition
     Helen Wilbur, Thomson/Gale, Vendor's View on Buying and Selling Content
     (and Special Guests)

It isn't about Force Majeure (though it's an issue for New Orleans), it's
about the Forces of Competing Interests that are impacting our licenses
and agreements in the age of digital library materials.

Not only are all types of libraries contracting for digital content,
they're providing content for digitization and delivery by aggregators and
search engines. Access to digital library materials is one of the hottest
evolving issues worldwide, and it is made concrete in our contracts.

A panel of top experts will discuss the forces and interests on the
national and international scene that are shaping the new terms libraries,
publishers, aggregators and search engines are negotiating in contracts
and licenses today.

* What changes in U.S. and foreign Copyright law are impacting the terms
  and language in our contracts and licenses?
* How will these affect content owners' and library users' rights and
* What different types of licenses and contracts are emerging?
* What is the progress of the movement to Standardize Licenses and will it
  help or hurt?
* What needs to be considered and negotiated when search engines and
  aggregators want to digitize and serve up your library content?
* How can libraries and vendors come to terms on Click- through and
  Web-wrap licenses?
* What are the contract trends regarding archiving, perpetual access,
  permanent copies, open access, micro-data pricing, digital library loan
  and other sticky issues?

We'll examine some successful strategies, review the latest licensing
survey of Libraries and Publishers, and have an opportunity to interact
with top experts on all these subjects and more.

The competing forces are at work in the development of new technologies
and new laws. In the U.S. Congress and Courts, and in International
bodies, they are shaping the rules and laws and industry standards that
impact how we can use digital library materials and the terms & conditions
we'll have to negotiate in our licenses and agreements in the future. This
workshop will give us the chance to advance our learning about these
important trends from the people with direct experience at the highest

   Continental breakfast and box lunch included

Sponsored by: LITA & COL Subcommittee on Intellectual Property and

Register online through May 19th at www.ala.org.

LITA accepts on site registrations at the pre-conferences

For further information, contact the LITA Office at 800-545-2433 x4269