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University of Michigan Library Seeks IP Rights Specialist

The University of Michigan University Library seeks an
Intellectual Property Rights Specialist to assist in the
development and coordination of several major initiatives within
the University Library.

The successful candidate will work with the Library's Collection
Development Officer, key staff in the Library's Scholarly
Publishing Office (SPO), and the Coordinator of the Library's
institutional repository initiative (Deep Blue). The Specialist
will lead outreach and education efforts on intellectual property
issues of concern to campus scholars, as well as work with
individual faculty to clear rights for targeted material, and
programmatically with Library staff and campus administration to
streamline rights acquisition processes.

The position requires proficiency with project management and the
interpersonal skills to coordinate across campus faculty, Library
staff and external partners. =A0A full description may be accessed
at:  http://www.lib.umich.edu/hr/employment/intelrights.html

Further information is available via Library Human Resources at
<libhumres@umich.edu> or by phone at 734 764-2546. Review of
applications will begin on 5/1/06 and continue until the position
is filled. The University of Michigan is a non-discriminatory,
affirmative action employer. 

Mark Sandler
Collection Development Officer
University of Michigan