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RE: Legal Deposit Libraries Act

I don't think there's a problem with out-of-copyright titles, and I agree
that the Bodleian has made it clear that they are not digitising
in-copyright titles.


David Prosser wrote:

Lots of interesting replies on this. =A0Let me pick up a couple of

Cliif Morgan wrote..

>The Bodleian is one of the libraries involved in the Google=20
>Print for Libraries project, and I think that Nigel Newton is=20
>making the point that legal deposit copies have limitations on=20
>their use and accessibility. Not quite a dark archive since=20
>access is allowed, but only within legal deposit library reading=20
>rooms - may be thought of as a crepuscular archive ...

However, as has been pointed out all of the titles being=20
digitised in Oxford are out of copyright - does falling out of=20
copyright mean that the limitations on use and accessibility of=20
legal deposit titles are lifted? =A0Or do these limitations=20