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RE: R&D spending and library spending

FYI... New edition of NSF Science & Engineering Indicators 2006

For R&D stats thru 2004 see

Bonnie Klein

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Subject: RE: R&D spending and library spending

Chuck, Jan,

But if ARL libraries are buying serials that include articles 
from scientists the world over (which I guess they do), surely 
you need to look at global R&D spending (both government funded 
and corporate) to make a comparison.

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Subject: FW: R&D spending and library spending

Science & Engineering Indicators, 2004

Support for Academic R&D: current dollars.

1986=09$10,928 (in millions of dollars)
2001=09$32,723 (in millions of dollars)
Ratio: 2001/1986=092.986

ARL Average library expenditures for serials

Ratio 2001/1986=093.29

I think this means ARL libraries average expenditures for serials
have been running ahead of Academic R&D dollar increases.

Chuck Hamaker