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RE: EPA Set to Close Library Network and Electronic Catalog [PMC and digital preservation thread]

Federal stewards of government information share the concerns of 
the library community.

Government agencies are actively sponsoring and engaging in a 
number of initiatives to enable permanent public access to the 
information in their custody.  Examples include NDIIP 
http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/, Sec 108 Study Group 
http://www.loc.gov/section108/, the Interagency Committee on 
Government Information http://www.cio.gov/documents/icgi.html and 
CENDI http://www.cendi.gov/proj_dig_elec_arch_new.html.

Government information stewards do not place trust in any single 
method nor want to be the sole repository.  We know all too well 
funding can be cut or totally eliminated depending on politics 
and priorities. However, government is not alone in facing an 
uncertain future. I have seen this happen in state government, 
academic institutions and corporations. The commercial publishing 
and A&I industry faces the challenges of changing markets, 
mergers and acquisitions, and financial downturns.

Libraries, no matter what sector, are seen as expendable 
administrative overhead. We are easy targets for short-sighted 
managers looking to reduce spending and demonstrate immediate 
cost savings.  These managers do not understand the value of 
information nor care about the return on investment. In the end, 
gutting library and information services winds up costing the 
organization more.  Take a look at the Nov 2005 findings and 
recommendations of the EPA Library Network WorkGroup 
http://www.peer.org/docs/epa/06_9_2_library_network.pdf. They 

Bonnie Klein

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We worry for two good reasons, and I think it is not only
libraries who should worry:

First, it is unwise to trust any single method. Present day
analysis is inherently unable to predict all future conditions.

Second, it is unwise to trust any agency of a single government.
(Even a government not known for its removal of published
material may later change. )

A possible third, which I personally do not consider reasonable,
is that some do not trust the NIH in particular.  Those for whom
this is the important objection should say so.

There may also be some who do not trust the NIH method because of
technical considerations. I am not sufficiently knowledgeable to

Dr. David Goodman
Associate Professor
Palmer School of Library and Information Science
Long Island University

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... why do the libraries mentioned worry so much and spend so
much money in researching long-term preservation techniques?