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RE: Business Week article on publishing

I'm not certain what this has to do with licensing agreements, unless it
has to do with e-books, but perhaps ICOLC or other groups might entertain
the idea of having the Wharton Publishing folks speak at their conference
next spring.

Otherwise, I think HarperCollins has got the model right that most
executives prefer the Reader's Digest of business books.  Students aren't
reading these books because they are not required to do so, and actually,
I'd venture a guess that only a fraction of professors are reading them
too.  Still, libraries buy them, in hopes that someone will read them and
find them worthwhile.

Becky Smith
UIUC and Head of the Business & Economics Library


From: owner-liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu on behalf of Robert Staple
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Subject: Business Week article on publishing

I've read the enclosed article from the latest issue of Business Week
today and thought that it would be of interest to you. Article is mostly
about Wharton School Publishing but also covers business publishing in
general. Key takeaway is that most publishers of business books are
cutting back on their management titles and focus on business narratives
instead. I recommend reading this article if you have a few minutes to

What do you think is the future of the business book publishing??

Robert Staple