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RE: - Two Inquiries to liblicense-l

Dear Ann,

With regard to item 1.  The results of the survey were released to the
particpants of the SURF/JISC/CNI conference "Making the strategic case for
institutional repositories" on May 10, see
http://www.surf.nl/en/bijeenkomsten/index2.php?oid=6.  The final (revised)
version will be released sometime in June.  The authors, Gerard van
Westrienen (SURF) and Clifford Lynch (CNI) also have a paper in
preparation about the results of the survey.

Kind regards,

Kurt De Belder, University Librarian
Leiden University

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Dear Readers:  At a meeting I attended a few days ago, two items went by
very quickly.  If anyone on the list knows about more them, could you
kindly respond with additional details?

1.  A recently released survey (survey results?) from SURF, JISC, and CNI
related to institutional repositories.  Interested in hearing about scope,
findings, URL.

2.  In a discussion about "tagging" articles to indicate publishers' peer
reviewed version and to distinguish from that article in pre-print
version, author's version, or some other variant, it was mentioned that an
ALPSP (?) group is looking into this possibility.  Would like to hear a
little more about this.  Sounds useful and important.

Thank you, Ann Okerson/Yale Library