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Re: Business Week article on publishing

We conduct research on the book publishing industry for the Book Industry
Study Group (BISG) in NYC, which publishes an annual and detailed research
study Book Industry Trends.
This research study contains net publishers' revenues, net publishers'
units, and domestic consumer expenditures (estimates for 1999-2004;
projections 2005-2009) for all book categories and subcategories
(including business books)  by channel of distribution including libraries
(about 220 pages of statistical tables).
1. Business books in 2004 (covering domestic U.S. and export sales data):
$1.11 billion net revenues (+4% over 2003; 3.9% of total net revenues).
59.8 million units (+1.7%; 2.6% total units)
2. Projections for 2005:
$1.14 billion;
59.9 million units.
We will be at Book Expo America in NYC (the Javitts Center) on June 2nd
presenting some of the findings for Book Industry Trends 2005 (in room 1E4
"Making Market Research Pay" at 9:00-10:30 a.m.)
While some of the data from Book Industry Trends 2005 can be found on the
BISG web site (_www.bisg.org_ (http://www.bisg.org) ), the complete study
is only available from BISG (although portions appear in The Statistical
Abstract of the U.S.).
Hope this helps.
AL Greco
Professor of Marketing
Fordham University