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Schizophrenia Bulletin - info for subscribers

Schizophrenia Bulletin - info for subscribers

After having been published by NIMH since 1969, the Schizophrenia Bulletin
has been privatized. The NIMH selected a collaborative proposal from
Oxford University Press Journals (OUP) and the Maryland Psychiatric
Research Center (MPRC) to assume publishing responsibilities, beginning
with the 2005 volume. William T. Carpenter Jr., MD, Director of the MPRC,
now serves as Editor-in-Chief.

We would like to inform any subscribers to Schizophrenia Bulletin in 2004
who may be on this list that their subscriptions could not be transferred
from NIMH to Oxford Journals, and therefore you may find that you are not
receiving your print copies in 2005.

In order to receive your subscription from 2005 going forward please
contact Oxford Journals directly using the contact details below, or
advise your preferred subscription agent to contact us on your behalf.

The Government Printing Office (GPO) is handling claims and any necessary
refunds for current subscribers who may have sent their renewals /
subscriptions to them in error. Any correspondence or claims relating to
subscriptions ordered or renewed through the NIMH should be directed to
the GPO. Send your mailing label and correspondence to: Superintendent of
Documents, Mail List Branch, Mail Stop: SSOM, 732 North Capitol Street,
NW, Washington, DC 20402

Please see <http://schizophreniabulletin.oupjournals.org/> and the NIMH
website <http://www.nimh.nih.gov/researchfunding/schizbull.cfm> for
further details.

Or contact:

Journals Customer Services
Oxford University Press
2001 Evans Road
Cary, NC 27513, USA
Tel: 919-677 0977 ext. 6686
1-800 852 7323 (toll -free US, Canada)
Fax: 919 677 1714
Email: jnlorders@oupjournals.org