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New Online Copyright Courses

(Cross-posted; please excuse duplication.)

April 2005.  Two new online copyright courses are being offered by

1 -- Digital Content Management course on the legal use of licensed
content will be offered for the first time in early May.  This course will
address questions like:  Who manages your licensed content? What are the
rules? Can I republish licensed content? Or post it on our Web site? Can I
store it, and forward it to others? Can I save digital content in our
enterprise's database?

2 -- And for those of you who want to attend "summer school", there is a
new mini online course on the Practical Aspects of International Copyright
Law, beginning in early July.  Learn how to protect your content
internationally, avoid infringements in other countries, and obtain and
give permissions for use of content outside your own country.
Further information and registration is at
http://www.acteva.com/go/copyright, http://copyrightlaws.com, or e-mail