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University of Kansas Registers its Institutional OA Self-ArchivingPolicy

The University of Kansas has become the first US University to adopt a
university-wide open-access self-archiving policy. The policy is
registered and described at:


Other universities and research institutions are encouraged to follow


The University of Kansas OA policy is the culmination of many years of
relentless effort on the part of the Executive Vice Chancellor and
Provost, David E. Shulenburger:


That makes it 12 registered institutional policies to date (including CERN
as well as France's mega-institutions: CNRS and INRIA, and soon also
INRA). For the US's AAU universities, that's now 1 down, 61 to go!

(My own personal hope is that AAU number 2 will be Indiana University,
where I lobbied so hard this past week:


but all Universities, AAU and non-AAU, are invited, and the sooner
the better!)

Stevan Harnad