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New Position Suggestions

The Canadian Research Knowledge Network (www.ResearchKnowledge.ca) is in
the process of defining a new position in our organization.  We're
thinking along the lines of "Publisher / Vendor Relations". Briefly, some
aspects the position would entail:  keep abreast of new features and
products from publishers; work proactively with publishers to add service
and value for our members; project management of ongoing licensing and
renewal; resolution of member access issues; management, analysis,
collection and distribution of usage data and performance measurements.

Does anyone have a similar position already in their organization or know
of aspects we may want to consider or include as we define this position?
All feedback is most welcome.

Many thanks,


Bethany Hedley
Projects and Communications Officer, Canadian Research Knowledge Network
Phone: (613) 562-5800 ext: 3712
Fax:(613) 562-5329
Email: bhedley@ResearchKnowledge.ca