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RE: Ask a Live Librarian Online

This is pretty much how I have interpreted licensing language over the
years when it comes to virtual reference: it's fairly standard that
physical walk-ins are included in the license as authorized users
(although I can remember a time when this wasn't so), but virtual
"walk-ins" are usually not covered.

Are there vendors/publishers that allow non-affiliated virtual reference
users to be treated as virtual "walk-ins"?

Bernie Sloan

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Tom Williams summarises the position pretty well.  

Elsevier's licences for ScienceDirect allow for use within the defined
community for which it has been negotiated, and for walk-in use within the
library by anyone to whom the library gives access.  The use of chat
software for direct provision of Science Direct articles is fine when the
recipient is a student, member of staff or other defined member of the
community.  With non-affiliated enquirers supplying an article in this way
is in essence indistinguishable from supplying an interlibrary loan and is
not covered by the standard licence.  The reference librarian should
provide the citation and then the article should be acquired using ILL
procedures in the normal way.


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