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RE: DOAJ update

DOAJ relay on feedback from users. When we get information on changes,
dead links, new titles we correct the information we have in DOAJ, remove
or add titles to the database for the benefit of all.  We do our utmost to
be as current as possible but without feedback it is not possible for us
without building an organization that would make it unsustainable.  The
large user population is giving us mainly feedback on new titles. I
believe we can become better at maintaining the current collection than we
are right now and one of the ways would be to encourage users to supply us
with information on dead links and titles that are not updated.  We are
working on an update of the DOAJ criteria
<http://www.doaj.org/articles/about#criteria> and we might include a
section on yearly publisher feedback to us as mandatory for inclusion in
DOAJ.  If any of you have ideas for the criteria's you are very welcome to
mail them to me.

Best regards,

Lotte Jorgensen
Lund University Libraries, Head Office
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The 'volunteer' analysis of what's actually in there is continuing apace -
I have data so far on 523 journals (i.e more than a third of those in the
list) and hope to receive the rest shortly.

Interestingly, a small but significant proportion are 'dead' - website
permanently down, or no new articles since 2003.  In a paid-for-journals
world, these would no longer be listed as current...


Sally Morris, Chief Executive
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