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Esplin Publishing announces innovative new fiction line

Esplin Publishing, the science publisher famous for its Closed Access
online journal program, has just announced a new fiction imprint -- this
may be of interest to LIBLICENSE-L readers...
Esplin Publishing announces a new series of collaborative novels, each
bringing together two of America's most popular writers
April 1, 2005
Esplin Publishing, one of America's most respected science publishers, is
proud to announce the inception of its Esplin Books imprint, which will be
devoted to releasing innovative literary fiction.  Its inaugural list will
be issued in fall of 2005, and will consist of four novels, each of them a
collaborative effort between two well-known authors.  Descriptions of the
books follow:
"Casserole of Blood," by Anne Rice and Jan Karon.  The undead pastor of a
rural North Carolina church delivers sermons so elaborately overwritten
that they gradually turn his congregation into a polite but sexually
rapacious band of zombies.  Gossip turns bloody in this heartwarming
metaphysical thriller.
"Bowery Boy," by Garrison Keillor and Michael Crichton.  A young boy,
stifled by small-town life, dreams of moving to the big city and becoming
a writer.  Upon graduation he sets out for New York, carrying only a
satchel of sweet corn and a pile of Big Chief writing tablets.  His dreams
are destroyed when a vicious band of Japanese ecofeminists engineers a
massive tidal wave that wipes out lower Manhattan.
"Teares of the Cavaliers," by Tim LaHaye and Robert B. Parker.  A
wisecracking Boston private eye uses his well-developed upper body and
extensive familiarity with Elizabethan literature to prevent the
Apocalypse while salvaging the self-esteem of a sad and beautiful
middle-aged woman.  The Four Horsemen are no match for our hero's clever
quips and prodigious right hook.  Early reviews have been uniformly
"The Sanctimony Sanction," by J.D. Salinger and Tom Clancy.  13-year-old
Randy, a brilliant but headstrong eighth-grader, has long suspected the
adults around him of craven hypocrisy and pretense.  His suspicions are
confirmed when he is called out of class unexpectedly and whisked away to
the White House, where the President asks him to infiltrate and bring down
an organized phoniness ring.  This he does, with the help of much hi-tech