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RE: creative commons licencing

Perhaps Peter Banks could clarify whether the American Diabetes
Association is currently amenable to authors self-archiving their papers
under Creative Commons licences? If not, does he expect it to be amenable
in the near future?

And if it is (or is likely soon to be) acceptable for ADA authors to
self-archive under CC licences which of the 11 licences (e.g. combinations
of permissions) specified by Creative Commons does he think would be
acceptable, and which would not be acceptable?

Richard Poynder
Freelance Journalist

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> The intent of the addendum is entirely reasonable, from a publisher's
> perspective. We are amending our copyright agreement to allow the types
> of uses outlined in the "Author's Retionion of Rights."
> However, requiring the provision of a portable PDF is unrealistic. That
> is not a trivial service. More troubling, however, is the assumption of
> Publisher's assent in provision 3 in the event that the addendum is not
> countersigned. All agreements need to be executive affirmatively by all
> parties.  Were we presented with this addendum, we would decline to
> publish the paper. I am quite sure a majority of publishers would do the
> same.
> I would urge SPARC to work more closely with publishers in developing
> such a document so that we don't wind up rejecting papers that deserve
> publication in a timely manner.
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