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Re: creative commons licencing

The intent of the addendum is entirely reasonable, from a publisher's
perspective. We are amending our copyright agreement to allow the types of
uses outlined in the "Author's Retionion of Rights."

However, requiring the provision of a portable PDF is unrealistic. That is
not a trivial service. More troubling, however, is the assumption of
Publisher's assent in provision 3 in the event that the addendum is not
countersigned. All agreements need to be executive affirmatively by all
parties. Were we presented with this addendum, we would decline to publish
the paper. I am quite sure a majority of publishers would do the same.

I would urge SPARC to work more closely with publishers in developing such
a document so that we don't wind up rejecting papers that deserve
publication in a timely manner.

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>>> Carroll@law.villanova.edu 3/30/2005 9:16:35 PM >>>

To achieve the result Brian suggests below, the SPARC Author's Addendum
alters a publication agreement so that the author retains all rights
necessary to grant a Creative Commons Non-Commercial-Attribution License.


A second version of the Addendum in which the author simultaneously
reserves these rights and then grants the Creative Commons license is in


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See also www.creativecommons.org