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RE: More on "information wants to be free"

The citation for Harland Cleveland's book chapter is:

Cleveland, Harlan. The Twilight of Hierarchy: Speculations on the Global
Information Society. In: Information Technologies and Social
Transformation (Guile, B.R., ed.). Washington, D.C.: National Academy
Press, 1985, pp. 55-80.

A scanned version of the text of this chapter is available from the
National Academies Press at:


Bernie Sloan

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Another related statement about information "wanting" to be free, about
the time of Stewart Brand, was Harlan Cleveland (c1985) in a book chapter
entitled::  "Twilight of Hierarchy;  Speculations on the Global
Information Society."  In this chapter he stated a version of "information
wants to be free" and didn't footnote Brand.  He stated "Information is
diffusive.  It tends to leak--and the more it leaks the more we have."  
Maybe information leaked between them.

I unfortunately don't have the citation for this chapter - just a
photocopy, but I remember it being widely referred to in the later

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