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Re: More on "information wants to be free"

Joe and All,

Another related statement about information "wanting" to be free, about
the time of Stewart Brand, was Harlan Cleveland (c1985) in a book chapter
entitled:: "Twilight of Hierarchy; Speculations on the Global
Information Society." In this chapter he stated a version of "information
wants to be free" and didn't footnote Brand. He stated "Information is
diffusive. It tends to leak--and the more it leaks the more we have." Maybe information leaked between them.

I unfortunately don't have the citation for this chapter - just a
photocopy, but I remember it being widely referred to in the later 1980's.

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On 10/6/2004 8:32 PM, Joseph Esposito wrote:

In an earlier post I referred to the origin of the phrase "information
wants to be free," which I believed was coined by Stewart Brand.  Someone
sent me a link to a survey of the history of the phrase.  It can be found
here for anyone who is interested: