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Open Access & the Changing Roles in Libraries


I have received a number of requests for my presentation, "Open Access
publishing: The promise and the reality for libraries,"  which was just
one of several presentations (other presenters have already posted their
presentations on this discussion group) given at the American Chemical
Society's Annual Meeting back in August.  The full presentation has been
posted at:


which happens to be the location of the ACS Division of Chemical
Information web site.

As a manager of two science libraries at Harvard, I am particularly
interested in how other library managers/directors are analyzing,
preparing, evaluating, etc. their staff, resources, services, and
collections in light of open access.  I would be very interested in
learning if anyone is currently doing research on this aspect of OA.

Please feel free to contact me directly.  I will happily summarize for
this discussion group.

Thank you.

Michael Leach
Physics Research Library & Kummel Library of Geological Sciences
Harvard University
17 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
617-495-2878 or -2029 (voice); 617-495-0416 or -4711 (fax)
leach@eps.harvard.edu or mrleach@fas.harvard.edu