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Nature Publishing Group launches new methods journal

Nature Publishing Group launches new methods journal October 2004

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) has launched a vital laboratory techniques
journal for researchers involved in biotechnology, drug discovery or
chemistry and its interface within the life sciences, on October 1, 2004.
This has been a highly anticipated launch and over 60,000 individuals have
already applied for subscriptions.

Nature Methods, distributed internationally, is a new cutting-edge
methodology journal for life scientists and chemists.  The journal will
serve the scientific community with a high impact detailed
methods-oriented publication that continues the established tradition of
excellence that is expected from a Nature magazine.

"Nature Methods presents techniques of immediate practical relevance with
the detail that laboratory technicians, research assistants and post
doctoral fellows for example, will need to reproduce the results
independently. It is also an important asset to academic institutions,
corporate libraries and research institutions to have on hand for their
researchers to refer to again and again because of its practicality", said
Rachel Burley, Publisher of Nature Methods.

In addition to primary reports of new methods, content includes research
highlights, step-by-step protocols (written in association with Cold
Spring Harbor Laboratory Press), application notes, technology reviews and
more. Nature Methods offers a limited number of free subscriptions for
individuals who qualify.  The website offers even more additional benefits
to print journal subscribers including: free online access 24 hours a day
to searchable contents and reference linking, Naturejobs, Natureproducts
and an online database of application notes.  Visit the website at

For information on institutional subscriptions and site license access, go
to the Librarian Gateway: http://npg.nature.com/libraries
Suzanne Kidd 
Communications Marketing Manager 
Nature Publishing Group