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Re: Press Release: Open Access journals proven to compete on quality

I am sure Stevan Harnad will step in and make this point, but let's make
it anyway: Open Access is only supposed to apply to primary research
articles, where the authors neither expect nor receive payment.  No-one
expects review articles - where the author has been paid to produce the
review - to be available free of charge.

Fytton Rowland, Loughborough University, UK.

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> I do not want to spoil the celebration, but many of the titles listed are
> not full open access journals. Accoording to the publisher's site, and
> correspoindance with the publisher, they are journals where the primary
> research article content is open access, and the review articles and so on
> are not.
> It is of course of particular importance that the primary articles be OA,
> but the other material is important too, and is part of the scientific
> literature. Especially for clinical journals, reviews may well be the
> material of greatest benefit to the less sophisticated users, and
> providing them with access to the literature is one ofthe primary goals of
> OA.
> Since review articles often get higher citations than other articles, it
> would also add yet more to the publications' impact factor if the journals
> were fully open access.
> Dr. David Goodman
> dgoodman@liu.edu